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Celuka technoloy of PVC foam board

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Shandong Sangyuan Plastic&Rubber Co.,Ltd is a professional Manufacturer and exporter of PVC Celuka foam board ,with 16 years experience.PVC Celuka Sheet is the developed products of pvc foam board.Compared with pvc free foaming board, pvc celuka board not only has much more somooth surface, but also has better hardness.So it has become an extremely versatile material and suitable for internal and some external applications. It is available in white,and very popular in the international market, it's in matte and glossy finish in selected sizes. It has excellent UV resistancer.

1,Hard, smooth, glossy finish on both sides
2,High impact and structural strength
3, Excellent resistance to Chemicals.
4, Interior and exterior applications

1.building outside wallboards, internal decorating plates of houses and offices, partition boards of public buildings,commercial decorating shelves, dustless room boards and suspended ceilings
2.screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, exhibition boards and marking boards,
3 chemical industry antiseptic projects, hot formed parts,refrigeratory boards, special freezing projects, environmental protection plates,
4.Molding boards, sports apparatus, aquicultural materials, seashore dampproof equipment, waterproof materials, art design materials and various light partition boards

Primary Advantage:

1.Direct manufacturer and exporter with rich experience
2.High quality,good service and competitive price
3.Speedy delivery time
4.Flexible terms of payment
5.Rigorous quality examination

If you have any other questions of PVC FOAM BOARD,we will supply the professional solutions to you within 24 hours.

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