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Service Tenet

In order to meet the comprehensive needs of customers, Sangyuan Plastic’s Customer Service Department is willing to provide "accurate, fast, efficient, and high-quality" services for you, and promote your development by upholding the service tenet of “honesty, credibility and pragmatism”.
1. The Customer Service Department is primarily responsible for providing business consulting and technical support, handling customer complaints and other point-to-point "one-stop services". The department actively improves technical service processes for customers, enhance service quality, deliver technical requirements from to relevant departments, and organize and coordinate relevant departments to provide customers with solutions and support services in a timely manner. Everything we do is from the customer's point of view and their interests. We help customers worldwide to solve various problems related to our products, to bring convenience to customers to the maximum extent, remove their worries and difficulties, and help them to successfully use our products.
2. Customer Service Department provides comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services and technical supports.
3. Pre-sales service: We can send relevant technical personnel to participate in project design, and provide relevant technical information for the design department, so that the design department can make correct and rational use of our related products.
4. In-sales service: In the sales process, we try to meet the technical needs of our customers, and actively response customer inquiries related to technical information, so that they will feel satisfied and assured.
5. After-sales service: if customers encounter technical problems when using our products, we can send relevant technical personnel to offer on-site technical guidance. We can carry out operation training for personnel engaged in the construction of related products as per customer needs. For questions raised by Customers in installation and use, no matter whether they are product quality problems, or installation and construction problems, we will reach the scene to understand the actual situations of the problems in the shortest possible time, and try to solve all the problems of customers.
6. Sangyuan Plastic’s Customer Service Department hopes to establish good cooperative relationships with customers worldwide. We will always focus on the service concept of "quality first, customer first", to provide quality technical services for Sangyuan’s customers worldwide.